NEW Tshirts and sweatshirts are available for pre-order. Click on the links to see the new logo and colors available.

Plese print and complete and return with payment to the front office. 

T Shirt Color Sample

Sweatshirt Color Sample

Order Form

 COme and see the color selection in the glass case by the front office.


Forms are located at the front office on the metal rack.


Our next meeting will be onMarch 7th, at 6:00 pm in the library. 


PTA Board Member
 Vice President  Cristy Jensen
 Secretary  Tammy Hanson
 Treasurer     Amanda Kellar
 Staff Liason     Lisa Sam


PTA position descriptions:


President: Supervises all activities, executes all instruments on the PTA’s behalf and runs meetings.


Vice-President: Acts for the president in their absence and performs such duties as the president may direct.


Secretary: Keeps all records of all meetings.


Treasurer: Receives and is accountable for all funds belonging to Wonder Park PTA.

Clink on the link  PTA